ASAC is a peak national body, formed by a number of national air sport organisations. It represents some 15,000 active air sport members, and over 200,000 participants. ASAC is run by a board on which each air sport member has a delegate. The President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Technical Chairman are the executive, responsible for day-to-day operations.

In its Federation Aeronautique Internationale role, ASAC is Australia’s representative, and is referred to as the National Airsport Control, or NAC. Its delegate is the FAI Vice-President (Australia). Each air sport discipline is regulated by an FAI Commission, e.g. the International Parachuting Commission or IPC, whose President is an Australian. As well, the overall body which governs air sport is the General Airsport Commission, known as CASI. Its President is an Australian parachutist.

ASAC is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission as the National Sporting Organisation for Air Sports in Australia and is an affiliate of the Australian Olympic Committee.

ASAC has a pivotal role in representing its members’ interests on air space and regulatory bodies. ASAC is represented on a number of committees and reference groups which deal with such matters. As well, ASAC’s members have an active role in supporting the relevant authorities in setting and monitoring operational and safety standards in their respective air sports.